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Included Categories

As a general rule, the following categories of courses should be automatically included in the list of courses eligible for the BS degree:

  1. Courses that meet the following LSA requirements:
  2. Courses in the following departments, programs, and subjects.
    NOTE: In non-LSA departments (italicized) the rule applies only to courses earning LSA credit.
    • Biology  
    • Biophysics  
    • Applied Physics  
    • Astronomy  
    • Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences
    • Biological Anthropology  
    • Biological Chemistry
    • Biopsychology and Cognitive Science (courses included in Psychology’s Biopsychology & Cognitive Science concentration, but excluding courses for the concentration’s Social Science and Cognate requirements)
    • Chemistry  
    • Complex Systems  
    • Computer Science (courses listed in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science since Winter 02)
    • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    • Geological Sciences
    • Macromolecular Science
    • Mathematics
    • Microbiology
    • Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
    • Physics
    • Physiology
    • Residential College Natural Science
    • Statistics

Excluded Categories

The Committee recommends that, as a general rule, the following categories of courses should be excluded from the list of courses eligible for the BS degree:

  1. Courses numbered 600 and above
  2. Experiential, Independent study or research (except for Honors thesis), and Tutorial courses
  3. Courses designed specifically for students pursuing teacher certification and education  
  4. Courses that are offered Mandatory Credit/No Credit
  5. Humanities (HU)Social Science (SS)Creative Expression (CE) and Interdisciplinary (ID)distribution courses

Department concentration advisors may grant exceptions to exclusions in #1 and #2, above, on a case-by-case basis.  Concentration advisors also may grant case-by-case exceptions for transfer courses that meet the guidelines and appear as either departmental or interdepartmental credit.


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