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Physics Department Advising

Specific questions regarding a physics degree program should be answered during a one-on-one meeting with a department concentration advisor. An advisor must approve your concentration plan before it can be filed. 

You can make an appointment to talk with an advisor by using the online advising calendar. If no appointments are available, you can call Student Services at 734.764.5539. If your question is simple, feel free to just send an email.

AP Physics Credit

In order to receive AP Physics Credit, the Physics Department requests that students email In this e-mail, please indicate whether or not you are interested in majoring or minoring in physics. AP Credit will show up on transcripts as Physics 139 (equivalent of 140/141) and/or Physics 239 (equivalent of 240/241). Please refer to this website for information on AP Physics Guidelines and other AP Guidelines.

LSA Advising

General questions regarding degree programs and requirements can be answered by the Literature Science and Arts academic advisors. Check the LSA Advising Website for more information.

Other Resources

If you would rather ask your question of one of your prospective peers, the members of the Society of Physics Students are always eager to talk about their experiences. Board members hold regular office hours in the help room.

For specific physics course information, please review the Physics Undergraduate Handbook,  the LSA Majors & Minors or the LSA Course Guide.