Hui Deng

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Hui Deng

Associate Professor

Office Location(s): 4416 Randall
Lab: SB187 Randall (764.1975) SB286 Randall (763.2472)
Phone: 734.763.7835
Deng Lab Website

  • Fields of Study
    • Experimental Quantum Optics
    • Quantum Information Processing
    • Many-body Physics
    • Semiconductor Physics
  • About

    Professor Deng's group's research centers on the discovery, creation, control and applications of quantum states in single-, few-, and many-body systems with matter-light couplings. Current projects include: collective quantum states of matter and light in open cavity-QED systems, quantum photonics & plasmonics with wide bandgap materials, and optical vortices. In particular, we study dynamic condensation and lasing of semiconductor exciton-polaritons in novel structures and materials in single and coupled cavities, site-controlled single (In)GaN quantum dots for high temperature quantum photonic devices, few-emitter quantum plasmonics, and the generation, propagation, and high-fidelity detection of optical vortices.

    Selected Publications

    Zero-dimensional Polariton Laser in a Subwavelength Grating-based Vertical Microcavity, (B. Zhang, Z. Wang, S. Brodbeck, C. Schneider, M. Kamp, S. Höfling, and H. Deng), Light Sci. Appl. 3, e135 (2014).

    How Much Better are InGaN/GaN Nanodisks than Quantum Wells—Oscillator Strength Enhancement and Changes in Optical Properties, (L. Zhang, L.-K. Lee, C.-H. Teng, T. A. Hill, P.-C. Ku, and H. Deng), Applied Physics Letters 104, 051116 (2014).

    Single Photon Emission from Site-controlled InGaN/GaN Quantum Dots, (L. Zhang, C.-H. Teng, T. A. Hill, L.-K. Lee, P.-C. Ku, and H. Deng), Applied Physics Letters 103, 192114 (2013).

    High Fidelity Detection of the Orbital Angular Momentum of Light by Time Mapping, (P. Bierdz, M. Kwon, C. Roncaioli, and H. Deng), New J. Phys. 15, 113062 (2013).

    Room Temperature Polariton Lasing vs. Photon Lasing in a ZnO-based Hybrid Microcavity, (T.-C. Lu, Y.-Y. Lai, Y.-P. Lan, S.-W. Huang, J.-R. Chen, Y.-C. Wu, W.-F. Hsieh, and H. Deng), Opt. Express 20, 5530–5537 (2012).

    A Compact Orbital Angular Momentum Spectrometer using Quantum Zeno Interrogation, (P. Bierdz and H. Deng), Opt. Express 19, 11615–11622 (2011).

    Room Temperature Ultralow Threshold GaN Nanowire Polariton Laser, (A. Das, J. Heo, M. Jankowski, W. Guo, L. Zhang, H. Deng, and P. Bhattacharya), Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 066405 (2011).

    Exciton-polariton Bose-Einstein Condensation, (H. Deng, H. Haug, and Y. Yamamoto), Rev. Mod. Phys. 82, 1489 (2010).

  • Education
    • Tsinghua University, B.S. 1999
    • Stanford University, M.S. 2003
    • Stanford University, Ph.D., 2006.