Guidelines for Applying for Awards & Endowments

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You must be an enrolled Screen Arts & Cultures (SAC) undergraduate student pursuing a project for SAC departmental credit to qualify for an award.

  • Identify grants that are relevant for your project and carefully read the award guidelines.
  • Applications will be judged using 3 criteria and each will carry equal weight in the judging process:

    1)   Merit of proposed project
    2)   Quality of sample work submitted
    3)   Presentation and completeness of the application

Note: GPA in the SAC major may also be a factor in consideration.

Application Checklist

All* applicants must submit one copy of:
*with the exception of the two Peter and Barbara Benedek Awards and the Frank and Gayle Beaver Award

1) The online application form (for each award you are applying for)

2) A budget detailing expenses. (See notes about preparing budgets below.) Click here for a sample budget.

3) Any other materials as specified in the individual award announcements

4) A pdf file of an unofficial transcript 

In addition, for academic projects:
Please save and upload the following to M+Box in the following format: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_AWARDTITLE_WORKSAMPLE1.

1) Sample of academic work
2) A preliminary bibliography
3) A proposal that includes a description or outline of the project

In addition, for creative productions proposals:
Please upload the following to M+Box in the following format: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_AWARDTITLE_WORKSAMPLE1 (e.g. SMITH_JOHN_GLOVER_VIDEOCLIP1). 
You must name the file on your computer in this format before you upload it. If you need assistance with compressing your files to meet the size limit, please consult with SAC studio staff.

TWO sample clips. Sample clips must be compressed to no larger than 1 GB per applicant. Moving image files should be compressed as .mp4. 

NOTE: If you are submitting an application for more than one award, please only upload sample work ONCE. Application forms should still be submitted for each award.

All applications must include a detailed BUDGET for EXPENSES.  Please note:
• Inflated budgets will reflect negatively upon your project. If you need assistance, please consult with a faculty member to determine the accuracy of your budget.
• Only UNAVOIDABLE costs can be covered with grant money.
• Food is an AVOIDABLE cost, unless it is for the cast and crew during a long shoot (more than 5 hours). Please estimate no more than $5.00 per person/shoot.

• Production Insurance may be an unavoidable cost and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
• Alcohol and controlled substances are not covered by these grants.
• UNAVOIDABLE costs can include such things as film, processing and lab costs, props, costumes, costume cleaning and expendables such as gels, camera tape and set needs.
• Props purchased with endowment funds become the property of the SAC Department.
• Salaries or fees for acting or production work cannot be paid for with the grants.
• Under no circumstances are endowment funds to be used for the purchase of equipment. This includes hard drives for editing and backup.
•Funding may not be used for promotional posters, festival fees, or websites to promote the finished work unless a website is the form of the finished work (such as an on-line sketch comedy website).
• For academic projects legitimate expenses include copying, film and video rental, ticket purchase, book and journal purchase, and travel to archives or other cultural institutions of relevance.
• Please list on your budget any materials (such as film stock) you are receiving "in kind" (donated or provided by other sources).
• The total expenses should match the amount requested.

Award recipients will be required to submit documentation and all receipts for use of funds upon completion of the project.  Funds are expected to be used during the term they are given. Unused funds must be returned to the SAC Department.