Prospective UROP Sponsors

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Top 10 Reasons Faculty, Research Scientists and Postdocs Benefit from UROP

  1. Get help advancing your research and a current project.
  2. Start a new project.
  3. Get background work done for a potential project.
  4. Work with bright students who are motivated to do research.
  5. Engage students who don’t cost you money and may stay with you for several years.
  6. Funding is available to support your work with students (up to $500 per student) after we review a Supplementary Funding Form
  7. Find students who receive training in all areas from animal handling and lab safety to SPSS, STATA, Endnote, Research Integrity, Excel, Library Research, etc.
  8. FOR POSTDOCS, gain teaching and research mentoring skills you can put on your resume.
  9. Interact with undergraduate researchers who bring fresh points of view, enthusiasm, and who are fun to have around.
  10. Be part of what makes UM a research university that values students.

For more information or to become a sponsor, use the links to the right.